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About FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - About


•   How do you go about controlling overcrowding?  

     There is no short answer to this question, due to the vast amount of variables involved with gym attendance, but we have been able to alleviate some of the traditional overcrowding that often happens in many gyms especially around the New Years.  Age restrictions, enrollments fee, limited repeat guests, and avoiding the sterotypical "one time New Years offers" all work together in making for a more balanced approach when it comes to overall attendance.   We truly do appreciate those who stick it out year round and try not to hamper their experience just to capitalize on the New Years resolutions.  

•   Does the gym smell bad?  

     Many smells associated with gyms come directly from the flooring.  We do not have any carpet in the exercise areas with the vast majority of the floor being stained concrete making for much easier cleaning.  By frequently mopping flooring with commercial cleaner/disinfectants, we can cut down on most smelly culprits.  We also have multiple disinfecting gym wipe stations through out the facility for use by anyone before and after using equipment.  We also ask that individuals bring clean workout attire and clean gym shoes to help avoid unpleasant "air quality". 

Gym Memberships FAQ

                               Frequently asked questions - Gym Memberships


•  How old do I have to be to use the gym?

    Independent memberships are available for those ages 18 and up with a valid photo id.   16-17 year old can be added to a membership as a dependent.  Family dependents must be between the ages 16-25 and still living at home.  Proof of age must be made available through either a D.L. or  other government issued photo id. 

•  Can I bring a guest with me to workout?

    Yes and no.  We do not allow free guests but day passes are available for those who would just like to try the gym or workout on a limited bases.  Limiting the number of "free gym users" is one of the many ways we can help alleviate overcrowding and provide the best overall experience for paying clients.  "Guests" must be at least 18 years of age, unless accompanied by an adult, and must register at the front desk providing a valid government issued id.  No guests allowed outside of staffed hours.   Member is subject to service fee and/or termination of membership for bringing guests after hours in accordance with terms of membership agreement.  


•  Can I add any friends to my membership?

    With all of our recurring plans you have the option on adding one (1) non family dependent to you membership.  Primary members are responsible for making payment for all dependents linked to their membership and will have to recoup their expenses on their own time and terms.  We cannot take dependent payments separately.

•  How do I access the gym if the lobby is closed?

    You will be given an access card that will open the AFTER HOURS door located on the east side of the building.  This access is only granted to those who have purchased the 24 hours gym membership and account is in good standing.   All members must scan in one at a time with the door closing behind them.  No one is allowed in with another’s members scan, nor let in from the inside.   Up to a $250 fee can be charged for any after hours abuse and 24 hour access denied until payment is made.  Access may be monitored by motion detection, card scan, and camera surveillance.  After hours access will be denied to those who blatantly disregard this policy and membership may be terminated without refund.  


•  Why does everyone on my membership have to scan in separately?                    

    Every current member must scan in to utilize their gym, classes, or tanning membership.  This is the only effective way for us to track usage, manage numbers, ensure safety, verify active members, and avoid unauthorized use by those without memberships.  During our staffed hours one of our sales associates would be glad to check you in manually, if you forgot your card.   All we need is your first and last name:)


•  How do I pay my monthly membership dues?

    For recurring plans, we keep a credit or check card on file that is auto charged on the 1st or 15th of the month, which ever works best for your budget.  If you want to pay with cash or use different card prior to your due date, you can do that as well, however, paying with cash does not eliminate our need to have a card on file.  When setting up a recurring membership a prorated amount and enrollment fee will be due immediately.  All P.I.F. options are due at the time of purchase.  

•  What is the difference between a P.I.F. and a recurring plan? 

    Recurring plans offer the most diverse options and are the most affordable.  These plans placed on an auto draft monthly on the 1st or the 15th and charged to either your credit card or check check of choice.  These are definitely the best way to go when looking for "long term" solutions and customizable options.   P.I.F  (paid in full) memberships are available for those looking for more of a "short term" solution (under 6 months).  We offer gym passes by the visit, 1 week memberships, and 1 month memberships free of contracts, enrollment fees, and/or cancellation policies. These memberships are per individual and start at the time payment is received.  Posted rates are for new memberships only and subject to change without notice!  


•  What if I need to cancel my account?                            

        If you are not currently under contract, simply stop by and complete our cancellation form or click here to submit it online.  We do need 30 days written notice prior to your next billing cycle to cancel an membership.  In most cases, one more charge will occur at your regular rate.  Recurring membership dues, enrollment fees, and/or access card/key fobs, etc are nonrefundable unless, by law, all equipment and contract is returned unused in person within three (3) business days of initial agreement.  Refunds under "buyers right to cancel" may take up to 30 days to process.  PIF services and/or memberships are nonrefundable.  A change fee of $3.00 will be charged for each change form submitted.


•  Can I freeze my account?                            

        Absolutely.  In fact, we recommend that you freeze your account instead of canceling to keep your active member status, when you decide to return.  For a small $4.95 monthly fee you can freeze your account for any period of time whether in contract or not.  If under contract, your contract date will be adjusted by the number of months that you are on freeze.  The freeze option is available for those planning to return at some point.  You cannot cancel an account on freeze.  If the decision is made to cancel your account while still in the freeze status, a last payment of your regular monthly dues is still required, if not in contract.  Click here to submit for freeze.  A change fee of $3.00 will be charged for each change form submitted.

Personal Training FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - Personal Training


•   I am new to the gym.  Do you have personal trainers that can help me?  

     In our opinion, nothing sets up for success like hiring a trainer, especially if you are new to the gym.   Our personal trainers are ready to encourage, train, and motivate you through your journey to better health.   Consultations are free.  We are a full scale workout facility with the capabilities of offering you training in the gym or a private training studio.  Personal training by any unauthorized person is NOT permitted. 

•   Are all of your trainers certified?  

     This is a great question. The simple answer is yes...but with the internet today, a certificate of trainings is pretty easy to get with a credit card and quick online test.  To become a certified personal trainer (CPT) takes a substantial amount of time and resources when done correctly.  All of our trainers are required to provide valid certification from a nationally accredited program (NCCA).  The NCCA has requirements for each accredited program providing a higher standard of training and education than just the "weekend warrior".

•   How often do I have to schedule PT sessions?  

     This is something that will have to be determined between you and the trainer due to the multitude of variables involved.  But as a general rule of thumb, we recommend meeting with a trainer 3 times a week.  However, our trainers are here to meet your needs and schedule around your day.  They will work with you to establish a beneficial schedule conducive to your situation and help develop a routine that fits your specific goals and lifestyle.   


• Do I have to be an ABW member to get personal training?  

     No!  Much like our smoothies, supplements, tanning and other products offered in our retail shop, anyone can buy private training.  Unfortunately, you will not have access to our great facility outside of your sessions, but you can always take advantage of a membership later when you are ready. 

• How much does it cost to hire a trainer?  

     There are a lot of variables involved in this question since the number of sessions and individual needs will often need to be assessed.   

Tanning FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - Tanning


•   What is the age requirement for tanning?  

     You must be at least 18 years of age to use a UV tanning bed or booth.  

•   Do you offer unlimited tanning?  

     We offer monthly tanning.  The term unlimited is misleading as you can only tan once during a 24 hour period.  We also have sessions available for those that are just maintaining their base tan or just looking for a way to warm up a bit.  For current gym members, tanning can be built into your membership or purchased outright for short term usage. 

•   What type of beds do you have and are they priced separately?  

     We have a Soltron Touchdown 20 minute laydown, a Soltron 12 minute high pressure lay down with facial tanners, and two 10 minute stand up booths.  The rates cover your choice of bed.  An appointment is required for use.    Click here to see our beds and/or make an appointment.  


• Do I have to have a gym membership to tan?  

     No!  Much like our smoothies, supplements, and other products offered in our retail shop, anyone over 18 can purchase a tanning package.  Proof of identity and age (government issued id) is all that is needed to get you started.  

• Can I bring my own lotion?  

     We do have indoor tanning lotions for sale in trial sizes or full sized bottles.    We highly recommend purchasing your lotion here or from a reputable salon locally.  Reports of "watered down" products or refilled bottles are a common place online or in big box stores.  Any lotion brought in should be approved by the sales associate prior to use in any bed.  No spray lotions, SPF,  or outdoor lotions allowed.  

• Is tanning available 24/7?  

     Currently tanning is only available during our staffed lobby hours in order to provide our customers a clean, full service experience.   The age restrictions set by the state of Oklahoma, as well as the Federal exposure limits, do further complicate 24/7 availability.  See our staffed hours here.

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