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Always talk to a licensed physician prior to starting any workout routine or making changes to your diet.

Fitness 101

Top Tips for Success

  1. Write down your fitness goals. ​

  2. Schedule your workouts in advance.

  3. Keep your workouts progressively changing.  

  4. Rest!  Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night and 1-2 days off from your normal exercise routine. 

  5. Eat balanced meals of mostly whole, clean foods. ​

  6. Stay hydrated.  Drink at least 1/2 oz of purified water per pound of body weight.  

  7. Assess, record, and celebrate your progress!

(see more details below)


Goal setting

Set goals that are challenging, but reachable.  Be sure to write them down and share them with a friend or family member for accountability. (ie:  lose 2-4 pounds per month)


Workout Calenar

Be intentional!  Schedule your workouts when you are typically at your best.  Start slowly with 15-30 minute sessions, 3-5 days a week work up as you feel ready.  Put them on your calendar and set reminders.   Stick with it..."slow and steady wins the race"!


Keep it fresh

Consistently - inconsistent!  Your body can adapt to exercise fairly quick.  To avoid plateaus and keep your time at a minimum, keep your workouts changing.   Mix up your exercises, sequence, weight, sets, reps, machines/free weights, etc etc.  Be sure to hit THE BIG THREE....Cardio, Strength, and Flexibility!  



Balance is the key to good health.  Too much of pretty much anything can have negative affects.  Schedule a day or two off for restoration each week and be sure to get quality sleep.   Both physical and mental repairs take place during sleep!


Eat Real Food

Just like everything else in life....balance, balance, balance!  

Eat a balanced meal of mostly whole, organic foods. 

Stay away from GMO and artificial foods or ingredients.  Carb, protein, and fat work together to support and build a healthy body and immune system.    


Drink Water!

Every function in your body requires the assistance of water.  Drink at least 1/2 oz of purified water per pound of body weight outside of your workouts. For high intensity workouts, add an additional 8 oz of water every 15-30 minutes.  "Sip don't chug"! 


journal success!

Whether you are losing weight or bulking up, taking accurate measurements at the start and strategically throughout can effectively track and fuel your overall fitness. Be sure to test at the same time and day of the week each month and avoid relying on just the scale.  Weight alone can be very misleading. 

personal Trainer

It doesn't matter if you are an experience gym rat or a rookie when it comes to fitness, there is absolutely nothing that can start you on the path to success like hiring a CPT (certified personal trainer).  Just the accountability alone can mean the difference between a "New Years Resolution" and a lifestyle change.  The experience and knowledge from a qualified trainer can be priceless! 

Gym Etequette

Gym EtiquettE

If you haven't been around a gym much or ever wondered, " that normal gym behavior?"  Here are some basic "common courtesy" suggestions we'd like to offer. 

  • If you are sick, STAY HOME!

  • Your mom doesn't work here.  Re rack your weights!  If you take something out, return it (ie:  cable attachments, bars, collars, belts, bands, etc…etc) and for Pete’s sake, stay off the friggin’ mirrors, stop stealing towels, and throw away your trash! 

  • Use it or lose it.  If you are not on a machine, you are not using that machine.  Use ONE machine at a time and allow  others to work in with you when possible.   

  • Locker rooms and cubbies are provided for your gear.  Do not leave your “gym stuff” in walkways or around equipment. 

  • Limit cardio machine use to 30 minutes during peak times. 

  • Don’t be a creeper.  Be aware of others, but keep the admiration on your own guns. 

  • If you stink, take a shower.  Don’t try to cover it up with an abundance of perfume or cologne.

  • Unless someone is about to hurt themselves, injure someone else, or wreck equipment, keep your advice to yourself.  

  • No peacocking.   If you aren’t strong enough to set it down, you aren’t strong enough to pick it up.  You are not fooling anyone.  Stop dropping the weights/weight stacks, bouncing deadlifts off the floor, and excessive moaning/grunting.  It’s not only excruciatingly annoying, but damaging to the equipment.  No one wants to hear every rep of your set. 

  • Please wear appropriate athletic clothing and CLEAN workout shoes.  “Shorty McShort Shorts” are meant for rap videos and dance clubs.  No one needs to see your “bits and pieces” while you do squats and save your flip flops for the beach:)

  • If you feel the need to use your phone while working out, please feel free to exit the exercise area to do so.

  • Last, but not least, respect the headphones bro!  They are in for a reason.  

BMR Calculator

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is essentially the amount of energy (calories) your body would consume on a daily basis if you did NO ACTIVITY at all (ie: stayed in bed all day).  Your internal organs and involuntary systems require a particular amount of energy to function normally.  This number represents the minimum caloric intake for normal organ function. 

Daily Caloric intake

This number best represents what your daily caloric intake should look like based on your age, gender, and activity level.  Calories can be a good tool in regards to weight management, but remember that calories are not calories.  For good overall health, the vast majority of calories should come from a balanced approach of organic, non GMO, whole foods.  

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