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Best tasting $6 MEAL REPLACEMENTS in the universe!!!


Fruit Smoothies


Clean!  Real Fruit.  Purified water.  Nothing artificial!

Tax Included!

Add 10 grams of Collagen protein with NO increase in carbs or fat for only $1


Dana Berry

A timeless favorite.  A delightful blend of strawberry and banana!

Carb 78g   Prot  1g    Fat  <1g

297 calories



The favorite blend of strawberry and banana with the added antioxidant kick of blueberry!

Carb  69g   Prot  <1g    Fat  <1g

259 calories 



Enjoy the heavenly taste of strawberries with the added digestive benefits of yogurt. 

Carb  54g   Prot  3g    Fat 0g

214 calories 



Get the power of purple in this delicious blend of banana and blueberries.  

Carb  82g   Prot  4g    Fat  <1g

320 calories 



Strawberries bathed in pure orange juice!  Take your taste buds on a tropical adventure!

Carb  78g   Prot  2g    Fat 0g

300 calories 

Protein Smoothies


High protein!  Balanced macros.  No added sweeteners!

Tax Included!

A custom 7 source protein matrix that now includes Collagen


That's right.  Everything you love about a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich...withuout the sandwhich.  

Carb 30g   Prot  46g    Fat  20g

460 calories

Nutter Butter

I love and miss nutter butter cookies as much as the next guy making healthier decisions these days.  That's why we created this one!  

Carb  28g   Prot  46g    Fat  20g

462 calories 

Peanut Butter Cup

Need we say more?  A delicious blend of chocolate and peanut butter that tastes as good as is sounds.  

Carb  28g   Prot  46g    Fat  20g

462 calories 

Orange Dreamsicle

Remember those orange push pop thingy's?  Here's a healthier, less messy version of those. 

Carb  48g   Prot  43g    Fat  8g


Ice Coffee Drink

Mocha Pro

Ignite your day with this heavenly chocolate protein smoothie! With just the right amount of "wakey, wakey" coffee kick, you are sure to fall into Mocha bliss!

Carb  22g   Prot  41g    Fat  6g

327 calories 



Go big or go home!  Big eats = big gains!

A custom 7 source protein matrix that now includes Collagen! 

Tax Included!

Arnold Power

A powerful blend of peanut butter, chocolate, banana, and yogurt make this the most delicious big meal you can get your hands on! Hands down....awesome!! 

Carb  97g   Prot  55g    Fat  31g

845 calories 

Muscle Eruption

Fuel your recovery with this strawberry, banana powerhouse.  "That isn't's your muscles drooling". 

Carb  64g   Prot  45g    Fat  9g

497 calories 

Stop by and give one a try, YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

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