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Our most popular plan. 


Individual 24/7 access to the workout facility.  Customizable. Must be at least 18.  No contract. 30 day cancellation notice.  (Monthly automatic bill pay)

*99 Sign up

(See optional upgrades below)



Membership for a spouse or immediate family member(s) still living at home.  An upgrade for one (1) "non family" individual is also available. 

*10 Sign up



Individual monthly tanning can be built into your membership plan.  Tanning upgrade is good for any bed.  Must be 18 to tan.  


Specialty Plans


The VIP plan included 24/7 gym access plus tanning.  This plan is not customizable, but  dependents also receive the included upgrades at no additional charge.  

*99 Sign up

60+ plan

The 60+ plan includes gym access for our more experienced members

Monday - Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. 

*99 Sign up


Discounts are available for active police, firefighters, and military personnel as well as veterans and businesses that have set up corporate accounts.  Verification must be provided.  

(See sales associate for more details) 

*  All recurring plans have a one time enrollment fee  for the primary and for each dependent.  This one time, non refundable payment helps to provide the little things we can sometimes over look or are unaware of.  They also help pay for the excess overhead not covered by monthly memberships dues,  helps to avoid seasonal overcrowding, lack of funds during the “off season",  unmanageable cycle of cancellations and sign ups without contracts, and the extra time and materials that come along with membership changes, renewals, cancellations, freezes, and collections of such items “behind the scenes”.  Prices DO NOT include sales tax. 

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